CBQ (Canadian Bible Quizzing) exists to bring glory to God by providing incentives for homeschooled teenagers to memorize the Word of God. CBQ primarily uses competition and fellowship as incentives by hosting several quiz meets throughout the year and assisting teams with their practices as required. CBQ desires to bring the blessings of memorizing God’s Word to as many homeschooled teenagers as possible.


CBQ (Canadian Bible Quizzing) is an association committed to following the Lord Jesus Christ, our Father and Savior. CBQ is made up of many individuals and families that are active members of various Christian denominations and theological traditions but that all seek, among our diversity, a heavenly Unity since we are all members of the Body of Christ. As the Body of Christ, we seek to be an example of love and unity through the power of His Spirit to our families, friends, communities, churches, neighbourhoods, and throughout the whole world. CBQ is committed to being salt and light in this world so that the whole world knows we are Christians, and it is our aim that God will be glorified in all that we say, do, act, believe, and think.

We believe:

-The Apostles Creed

-in the Trinity

– in the infallible Word of God as it is revealed to us in His Holy Word, the Bible.

-in Jesus Christ, that He is God’s one and Only Son, that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and the giver of Eternal Life. We believe He came to earth, born to Virgin Mary but begotten by the Father, that He lived among us, and that He was crucified for us on a Cross, and that He died. We also believe that he rose again after 3 days, and now still lives and intercedes for us. Without His death and resurrection we acknowledge that as sinners we are all lost and dead in our sins, since we are all born sinful. However, we believe He gives us life, a purpose, and eternal life if we all believe in His name and seek to glorify him in our lives, as we are taught in John 3:16.

-in God, the Lord and Giver of Life, who is the Creator and sustainer of the world and universe. We believe He is alive, loving, just, faithful, forgiving, merciful