Matthew T. – “It was great …The best part is that it has greatly encouraged me to learn God’s Word which has been a great blessing. God has used the verses I have memorized to teach me, and has answered prayer through using His Word. Quizzing has provided a positive pressure to learn God’s Word. It has also provided good fellowship and social times with friends.”

Jane C. – “I had the privilege of being involved in quizzing for many years and in many capacities (from quizzer, to coach, to quizmaster, etc) and cannot endorse it enough. I always say that Bible quizzing is “in my blood” and in a sense, since thousands of verses of God’s Word have been stored away in my heart and mind, that is true. As a Bible quizzer in my teen years from grade 7-13, I learned self-discipline to memorize God’s Word weekly, teamwork, the importance of encouragement, and good, healthy competition. I am a very competitive person, so the competitive side of quizzing was good incentive for me. I must admit that as I was memorizing as a young teen, I was not fully aware of all of the benefits that would be mine later in life as I had my own “mini concordance” of much of the New Testament in my mind. But, as God has promised, he will not let his Word return empty, and this has been true in my life as he has used his Word to help mature me in my faith, encourage others through Scripture passages, and understand the Scriptures more readily, as well as dozens of other benefits. I would highly recommend any ministry that gets young people to memorize God’s Word, and Bible Quizzing, in my opinion is one of the best ways to do this.”

Peter F.  – “The only thing I didn’t like about the quizzing was the competitive nature of some people, which made it stressful. Still, this will happen in any sport or activity, so I say, GO FOR IT! Help get kids excited about hiding God’s Word in their hearts.”

Elizabeth K. – “I am also still involved in quizzing and am going to be an internationals coach this year, which is pretty fun! My quizzing testimony is straightforward enough. My boyfriend in high school went to Gregory Drive [Alliance Church], and one day my mom ran into an old friend from our hometown who also went to his church, and suggested we should go. Our family wasn’t really going to church at this time, and because my boyfriend went to church, I decided to tag along. While I was there many of the people encouraged me to join quizzing and it sounded like fun, so I did (I am a bit of nerd to begin with 😉 ). We were doing 1&2 Corinthians. I remember a bit in 1 Corinthians 15:14: “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” The seriousness of Christ’s resurrection struck me, and Paul’s zeal made me realize there was more to understand in these passages than what perhaps was presented as archaic in the outside/secular world. The next year when I memorized the gospel of John, God’s grace was too much and I became a Christian (I think I was about half way through gr. 10). The first chapter of John remains one of my favourites! I did not have a big “conversion experience” but it was a gradual realization, and I have been happy to help in this ministry ever since.”

Sharlene T. – “Quizzing has been a wonderful and amazing experience in my teenage years, growing up. It has shaped me as a person, has made the Bible more interesting, and has changed my life. I wouldn’t be the same person I am now if it hadn’t been for quizzing. God speaks through His word, and for me to memorize His word that is ‘awesome’ and He teaches me, comforts me, encourages me through His word. I have memorized so many great verses in New Testament books that have not only helped me during my quizzing years but will also help me for the rest of my life. I have learned a lot about God and myself while memorizing His word. I have met amazing people and have many, many friends in quizzing because of the program. I have looked forward to attending quiz meets because of the worship, the competition, and seeing my friends again. Being in quizzing has been really good, fun, challenging, and awesome.”

Samuel G. – “My parents have always encouraged me to memorize verses from Scripture, but until I became involved in Quizzing, I had no real motivation. Being able to meet every week with friends and competing to exercise our knowledge of the Bible has allowed me to make learning Scripture an important part of my life. I find that when I am committed to learning new verses every day, it sharpens my mind, and enables me to think more clearly in school and life in general. Also, the opportunity to travel to churches across southwestern Ontario, as well as Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, has been wonderful as it has allowed me to meet people from all over. I am thankful for the impact Quizzing has had on my life, and plan to keep memorizing even as I begin university in the fall.”

Elaine T. – “Quizzing is and has been a good thing in our family. The children have all enjoyed the experience and the rewards of Bible memory. The weekly practices bring them together with friends in a good environment; the quiz meets are exciting and competitive (something my children like). The time they spend on memorizing is time well spent, with lifelong benefits. I cannot think of a better use of their time! Plus, it keeps them away from harmful activities that teenagers are prone to indulge in. When our first two children started quizzing, we were not involved as parents, mainly because we had small children to take care of. But after we attended one of the quiz meets (with the little children in tow), we were “hooked” as well, and started listening to our childrens’ verses at home. With our third child quizzing, we started helping out at the weekly practices as well, listening to other childrens’ verses. We started a Bible memory program with our younger children as well at this time, and they can’t wait till they’re old enough to begin quizzing. We heartily endorse Bible Quizzing to any church.”

Daniel Z. – “Having never enjoyed the immaturity I found in most Sunday Schools, and been unable to memorize the single Bible verses at Sunday School or VBS, I was not very interested when a new program started at our church to help students memorize the Bible. However, the competitive aspect and the ability to get answers without having the particular material memorized hooked me after the first practice. After memorizing ~50 verses for the first quiz meet (< 1vs / day), quizzing has become for me a tool through which I can memorize God’s Word. With the experience of many years of quizzing behind me, and by God’s help, I can now consistently memorize 10 vs / day, and have memorized 2 long chapters one day just before a quiz meet when I was behind in my schedule (>150 vs). My greatest appreciation for my years of quizzing is that, even though I no longer have the material “memorized,” during certain experiences or in conversations relevant scripture seems to ‘pop’ into my head.”