Have you ever wondered if there is an effective incentive to encourage youth to memorize scripture?

There is!!! It’s called Bible Quizzing!

Bible quizzing is a program that encourages teenagers to memorize books of the New Testament over several years. Typically, the teen years are not conducive to memorizing literature, specifically not the Bible. Hence, they need a stimulus/incentive for the memorization. In Bible Quizzing, the incentive is competition. Quiz teams come to several quiz meets a year to compete against other teams. A set of 20 questions is asked to 3 competing teams. Typically there are 4 team members on quiz seats answering questions at a time, although the team may have additional members that switch on during the quiz. The first quizzer to jump off a seat gets to answer the question. The seats have switches in them, and an electronic box turns a light on for the appropriate seat. If correct, points are awarded. Quizzers compete for tournament and season recognition for both personal and team placement. Generally questions are difficult to answer if the verse the question has been asked from has not been memorized, but normally easy to answer correctly if the verse has been memorized. Typically the quiz material for each year is about 1000 verses. This material has a subset of key verses, comprised of around 10% of the material. The ‘better’ quizzers memorize all the material, some quizzers only the key verses, and others perhaps a third or half of the material.

The most obvious and real benefit of quizzing is to have an intimate knowledge of the word of God. A side benefit is the teens are in a safe and uplifting environment, with quizzing being a great way to meet people and make new friends. Because Quizzing is mostly mind work, one cannot help but discipline and exercise the mind, as well as a whole range of other character traits such as self-discipline, perseverance, and cooperation.

Its purpose is to provide an uplifting atmosphere in which memorizing God’s Word is the primary purpose and Christian fellowship results in strong, edifying relationships. The excitement and camaraderie of tournaments provide the incentive, and one uses knowledge of memorized scripture in tournaments. A quizzing promotion video can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZMYtZtnK1E&feature=related

If desired a quizzing demonstration can be arranged at your church, youth conference, homeschooling meeting, or homeschooling conference where you will be able to see what the excitement is about.

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