Simplicity is key when you are starting something new. There are only a few things you need to do/have to quiz, and the CBQ board is more than happy and willing to assist you any step of the way.

Quiz Book
Each quizzer and coach should have one of these. The quiz books contain only the scripture that is the memory work for the year. The quiz book is small, about pocket size so that it can be brought anywhere.

$10 computer program or a $10 paper copy question set for the coach.  This is for practices.

Quiz seats
$200-500 quiz seats may make or break the life of your team. The quizzers sit on electrical pads on chairs. The quizmaster or coach has a light box in front of them. As they ask questions, they can tell which quizzer jumped first, allowing them to answer the question. Quizzing was started before these seats were invented, so there is a system for jumping without electronics (the first quizzer to stand up straight, requires another adult to be the jump judge). Quiz seats are strongly suggested.

A place to meet.
A room that is big enough to have all the quizzers seated in a line in front of a table for the coach to sit at with the light box and questions. Can be a living room or a room in a church or other building.

CBQ requires all coaches to have HSLDA insurance and very strongly recommends the owner of the home that you meet in to also have HSLDA insurance. An HSLDA membership is required to have this insurance. If you have the membership, you have the insurance. Since we have no umbrella group with insurance, it made sense to go with HSLDA
insurance as lot of the coaches will have it already.

Police Check
Each coach must have a police check. This allows us to have some idea that there is no child abuse under the CBQ name. We can provide a letter stating that you are part of a not for profit/charity that depending on the region will allow the police to do the police check with no charge to you.

Come to the quiz meets
is highly recommended, so you can see what it is all about, and to “get it.” Seeing is believing when it comes to Quizzing. There are 4 quiz meets a year.

The fee to join CHABQ is $60 for the first quizzer of a family, $50 for the next quizzer, and $40 for each subsequent quizzer in a family. Please see the “Cost” tab under the tab “Bible Quizzing” on this website.

This is a brief summary of everything you’ll need for a year of Quizzing. Beyond this are a few additional resources that you may use in the future for quizzers trying to to extremely well, but they are unnecessary for the average
quizzer. When you get there, please let the CBQ board know and we will help, we’re here to help you any and every step of the way. We are here for you. We’re glad to do it!