An informative “extended” description of Bible Quizzing

What is Bible Quizzing?

Bible Quizzing is a ministry of many church denominations, such as Baptist, Mennonite, Evangelical Missionary, and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. (CMA – which our league will follow the closest). CBQ, Canadian Bible Quizzing, is a new league that 2 “ex-quizzers”, Michael Zwart and Sharlene Togeretz, have founded. This league isn’t led or restricted to one particular church or church denomination. Rather, this league is composed primarily of homeschooled teens from any Christian church. The purpose of CBQ is to provide an uplifting atmosphere in which memorizing God’s Word is the primary purpose and Christian fellowship results in strong, edifying relationships. The excitement and camaraderie of tournaments provide the incentive to memorize the scripture portions.

What are the Benefits of Quizzing?

The most obvious and real benefit of quizzing is to have an intimate knowledge of the word of God. Quizzing produces a lasting spiritual impact through Bible memorization and increases knowledge of the Bible. No one can fathom all the different ways God has and will continue to use His Word to convict, correct, teach, encourage and comfort His people. The following are benefits that we both (Michael and Sharlene) have personally experienced and/or been told about by other quizzers and their parents. Many quizzers, when faced with a situation or with a desire to know what the Bible says about something can often quickly recall a verse and/or passage that speaks to the need. It has been said that the best way to recognize a falsehood is to know the truth, and might I add, the best way to recognize the truth as truth is to know the truth. Knowing scripture is a valuable asset for a young man/woman to help them determine which viewpoints to adopt and which ones to reject. It also helps them determine what is wrong with other religions. While a quizzer is memorizing and reviewing the material over and over the meaning is generally acquired. But when I don’t understand the passage, I find it extremely hard to memorize it, so I have to search out the meaning and then memorize it. A side benefit of quizzing is the teens are in a safe and uplifting environment, with quizzing being a great way to meet people and make new friends. Quizzing establishes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and relationships between Christian homeschooled teens who share similar values and interests. Bible Quizzing also builds character, moulds personalities, builds self-confidence, installs self-discipline, teaches the values of sportsmanship, fellowship, and teamwork and encourages prayer, unity, and friendships between many Christian teens. Because Quizzing is mostly mind work, one cannot help but discipline and exercise the mind, as well as a whole range of other character traits such as self discipline, perseverance, and cooperation. Also, Quizzing can develop the ability to think fast (under pressure) and also develops friendships between teammates and other quizzers.

Where is Bible Quizzing?

Bible Quizzing practices are held in people’s homes (parents, coaches, or leaders) or in church buildings or other recreational centres. Bible Quizzing Tournaments are held in a church building or in a recreational building.

Each homeschooling group or a church can have a team or multiple teams, and these teams are part of the district of CBQ.

Who can be in Quizzing?

Anyone from grades 7-12 and ages 12-18 can be in Quizzing. Although this league has been formed primarily for the intent of homeschooler membership, it won’t be exclusive; but will allow “ex-homeschoolers” or “schoolers” to join CBQ. We strongly recommend that each head coach and quizzer has a HSLDA membership. We wish to avoid having more “schoolers” than homeschooled teens in quizzing. If we approach this point there will be certain rules and exceptions made at the discretion of the executive committee. Involvement in Quizzing means daily scripture memorization, weekly quizzing practices, and Quiz Tournaments or Meets held a few times a year.

What do you memorize and quiz on?

Quizzers memorize different New Testament Bible Books each year. For every 8 years there are 8 different books that rotate in a cycle. Some of the books include Matthew, John, Romans, Galatians, James, and Hebrews. Every quizzer memorizes verses and/or chapters. Some quizzers just memorize a couple verses each chapter, while some memorize a few chapters, and other quizzers memorize all the material.

How long does Quizzing run for?

The Quizzing season starts in September and ends in May. Each week there’s a practice, and there will be tournaments throughout the year, depending on how many teams/groups there are in CBQ’s district.

What are Quiz Practices?

During each week, the quizzers will have learned portions (verses and/or chapters) of the quizzing material that year (e.g. Romans). Then once a week, the quizzers (part of a team) will get together and have a quizzing practice based on what they just memorized. Teams are made up of 3-5 quizzers. Their coaches (mostly parents), are at the practice too. The quizzers sit on electric quiz pads (or benches.) Then a question based on a Bible verse is asked, and when a quizzer knows –or thinks he knows – the answer, he jumps up, using his bum, which triggers his light on the electronic board. The Quizmaster (the person who asks the questions) or the coach at practices can see on his electronic board who jumped first and then that quizzer has 30 seconds to answer the question. If he gets it right, he and his team get points, but if he gets it wrong, he and his team lose points and can’t jump on the next question. Each quiz has 20 questions and around 6 different types of questions that can be asked. The object of Quizzing is to see how many correct questions and how many points you and your team can get in a quiz. Besides points and placement, Quizzing provides an exciting, demanding and loving framework through which teens get to memorize scripture.

What are Quiz Tournaments?

At a weekend-long Quiz Tournament, all of the different teams in the district will get together at a hosting church/homeschool group and quiz against each other. Each team will have quizzes in the morning and in the afternoon. In each quiz, there will be 3 quiz teams quizzing against each other. There is a lot of competition at quiz meets, because each quizzer and team wants to do well and to beat the other teams they quiz against. At the end of the Quiz Tournament, the top 3 teams who got the most team points in all of their quizzes will get medals. Also, the top 10 quizzers who got the highest number of points individually get acknowledged. When a quizzer quizzes out, it means that they got 4 questions right, and when they get 3 wrong, they error out. The more times you quiz out, the higher your score is. The Bible book to be memorized that year is divided pretty evenly for each quiz meet, and each quiz meet focuses on that certain amount of material. For example, the first quiz meet’s material could be Luke 1-6, and the second meet’s material be Luke 7-11. However, for all of the morning, the questions are based on the “new” material you just memorized for that meet, while for the afternoon, the questions are on the “new” material plus the other “old” material. For example, at the 2nd Quiz meet, the morning’s quizzes and questions would be from Luke 7-11, while in the afternoon the questions would be from Luke 1-11.

Information about the Organizers of CBQ

Michael Zwart and Sharlene Togeretz are both “ex-quizzers.” Michael quizzed for 6 years in the CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) program and 3 years in the Missionary Evangelical Church (EMY) program. Sharlene quizzed for 5 years in the CMA program and 1 year in the EMY program. Michael went to “Internationals” (a highly competitive international quiz tournament held each July, with the top quizzers of each district competing) 3 times, and Sharlene 4 times. She is currently still helping as a volunteer in the CCD district of the CMA program. Having been quizzers for many years themselves, they offer the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of the quizzing program and thus have started this new league. They also have a wide range of quizzing friends, connections, and resources, having been in the program themselves. They might be young but have many years of quizzing “in” them. Their parents have also been involved for many years and are back-up help. Michael and Sharlene, as the organizers and executive committee of CBQ, are more than willing to answer any questions and comments you have. If desired, they can arrange for a quizzing demonstration at your church, youth conference, homeschooling meeting, or at a homeschooling conference where you will be able to see what the excitement is about.