CBQ (Canadian Bible Quizzing) (first known as CHABQ – Christian Homeschooling Association of Bible Quizzing) began as a wild dream in the heart of Michael Zwart and his parents, but due to the busyness of life, CBQ remained a wild dream. In the fall of 2010, Michael decided to turn his dream into reality. As an “ex-quizzer” and “ex-homeschooler” he desired for others within the realm of homeschooling to learn about Quizzing. As most Bible Quizzing leagues are organized by churches, CBQ would be unique in that it is not limited to a particular church denomination, nor even to just homeschoolers. To share his vision, Michael contacted a long-time friend and fellow “ex-quizzer” and “ex-homeschooler”, Sharlene Togeretz.
Together they began the task of forming CBQ, which was formed in 2010 and by the summer of 2011, they were busy recruiting new teams, coaches, and quizzers. The first Quizzing season ran from September to May, 2011/12, and consisted of a total of 5 quiz meets, 13 teams, and exactly 50 quizzers, each learning to hide the books of Hebrews and 1&2 Peter in their hearts. After this first Quizzing season, Michael and Sharlene realized that with a growing league they would need more help, more policies, and a board. They expanded the CBQ board by welcoming Hunter Reid, a homeschooling coach/parent of two quizzers, and Jane Looby, a homeschooling coach/parent of two quizzers, onto the board in the summer of 2012. CBQ began its second Quizzing season in September 2012 with currently 15 teams and 60 quizzers. The work continues as we look forward in eager expectation to how the Lord Almighty will use CBQ to shape the hearts and minds of those who memorize God’s word.