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Introducing … Bible Quizzing!

Imagine if teens got together once a week to memorize and study God’s Word, that they studied it for months, with fun competitive tournaments throughout the year where they would meet fellow Christians memorizing the Bible too. Just imagine how these teens would have God’s Word hidden in their hearts for years and could apply it in their daily lives. Now – stop imagining – this is a reality! It’s Bible Quizzing! CBQ – Canadian Bible Quizzing – was founded by two former quizzers in 2011, Michael Zwart and Sharlene Togeretz. If you’re a teen or have teens, then this exciting competitive program is for you! This ministry is aimed specifically for homeschoolers, but quizzing teams would be made up of homeschoolers from your support group and fellow friends and those attending school as well. We would love to talk with you about it, give you lots of information, answer all your questions, and get some quizzing teams started up!